Breakfast Nook: A Simple Place for Having Breakfast

Having breakfast can be a nice activity in the morning. Moreover, when you have breakfast with your family, it will create warm atmosphere. Having breakfast everyday is recommended for all the people because it is important to do before you run your activities. Certainly, having breakfast is an activity that looks relax and not so formal like having dinner. Therefore, there must be a place in the kitchen that especially used for having breakfast. Installing breakfast nook in the kitchen is a good idea.

Do you know breakfast nook? Breakfast nook is a simple place that used for having breakfast or having a cup of coffee in the morning. Because of the name “breakfast nook”, of course, it is installed in the corner of kitchen. Breakfast nook is usually installed beside the window. It is an ideal place to have breakfast or have a cup of coffee while enjoying the view outside home through the window. What a nice time! Breakfast nook is a simple place for relaxation, so you do not need to go to dining room for having breakfast.

In breakfast nook, there must be comfortable seats. Bench with L-shaped is usually used for breakfast nook. You can choose wood bench or bench with cushion. Bench should be fitted with the width of breakfast nook. Or, you can also use simple chair and table. Usually, bench and table or chair and table are in one package.

Breakfast nook should be designed well in order to look interesting and get the cosiness. Add chic patterned curtain for the window. Beside the window, you can add some small potted flowers, framed photos, and small ornaments. It will create harmonious atmosphere in your kitchen.

Breakfast nook is a cozy place for you and your family. Have a nice breakfast and nice talk in the breakfast nook!

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