Wood Flooring: Tips On Caring for Your Wooden Flooring

Wood flooring is a unique design in building a house. In general, it is suitable to the tropics house. Many patterns are offered for the wood flooring design. You can use stripes pattern of wood floor. The motive is very simple to use in the modern or minimalist home style. This motive can provide a high visual appeal to your living room.

Wooden floors are creating the impression of natural and cool effect to the room. However, you still have to maintain the beauty of wood flooring with more extra care. This is because it has a low resistance to termites, mold and damp air that can make it become weathered wood.

The wood floors have different durability with tiled floors. With extra treatments enough, it will not last long and protected from stains and scratches. Here are some tips on caring for your wood flooring.

Clean the dust
Make sure that you clean the dust first before you start cleaning the stains on the wooden floors. It becomes very simple and easy for you in cleaning the floor.

Mop flooring
Mop flooring with water or special floor cleaner can help your wood flooring free from stains. Furthermore, the addition of water on the wooden floors can improve surface smoothness, and can help the wood to absorb the color.

Wood floor coatings
You can put wood floor coatings by using a sponge or cloth. Make sure that you can choose natural colors like brown on the wood flooring. This color can give the impression of being close to nature. In the dining room or kitchen, and can choose a waterproof coating so as not easily fade if exposed to water or while it mopped.

Home Interior, Wood Flooring: Tips On Caring for Your Wooden Flooring: Simple Wood Flooring DesignHome Interior, Wood Flooring: Tips On Caring for Your Wooden Flooring: Circle Wood Flooring Ideas
Dry wood
Drying wood is very important after wood layering. This is because the wood floor coatings can stain clothing, rugs, or other furniture if it is still wet. In addition, it also can reduce the beauty of wood flooring.

The last layer
After the layers dry, you can coat polyurethane coating that is useful to help keep stains and protects flooring from stains.

Be Creative with Chalkboard Paint

Do you have anything to be noted? I think it must be yes. Everyone has a lot of things that must be noted. It is impossible if you can memorize all of the things you have. So that you have to take a note the things that you can’t memorize. Usually, the people take a note in the book. But, in modern today, the people have transformed their habit of taking a note in the book into taking a note in their gadget, such as handphone, computer, tablet PC, etc. Indeed, it is sophisticated, but I think it doesn’t have art value.

Taking a note is not always using book or paper. You can use something that perhaps it can add the beauty of your home interior. Using chalkboard paint is a good idea. Before I explain about chalkboard paint, you should know what is it. Chalkboard paint is a media that has surface like blackboard and it is used to take a note. Of course, you use chalk to write on it. Chalkboard paint also can be used as the decoration of your home interior. Making chalkboard paint is easy. You just paint the board into the black color. Of course, you should use high quality paint.

Home Interior, Be Creative with Chalkboard Paint: Stunning ChalkboardHome Interior, Be Creative with Chalkboard Paint: Chalkboard Paint For Birthday
In your home, chalkboard paint is useful for all family members. The mother usually uses chalkboard paint for taking a note about shopping list or food menu. It is usually placed in the kitchen. Chalkboard is also used by father. Usually he used it to take a note about meeting schedule or sport schedule. It is usually placed in the workspace or family room. Chalkboard paint is very useful for the children. The children can explore their mind and creativity by using chalkboard paint. They can write or draw anything they want. But, actually, chalkboard paint is not only used for taking a note about shopping list or schedule. You can also write some inspiring quotes on the chalkboard paint. How nice it is!

Breakfast Nook: A Simple Place for Having Breakfast

Having breakfast can be a nice activity in the morning. Moreover, when you have breakfast with your family, it will create warm atmosphere. Having breakfast everyday is recommended for all the people because it is important to do before you run your activities. Certainly, having breakfast is an activity that looks relax and not so formal like having dinner. Therefore, there must be a place in the kitchen that especially used for having breakfast. Installing breakfast nook in the kitchen is a good idea.

Do you know breakfast nook? Breakfast nook is a simple place that used for having breakfast or having a cup of coffee in the morning. Because of the name “breakfast nook”, of course, it is installed in the corner of kitchen. Breakfast nook is usually installed beside the window. It is an ideal place to have breakfast or have a cup of coffee while enjoying the view outside home through the window. What a nice time! Breakfast nook is a simple place for relaxation, so you do not need to go to dining room for having breakfast.

In breakfast nook, there must be comfortable seats. Bench with L-shaped is usually used for breakfast nook. You can choose wood bench or bench with cushion. Bench should be fitted with the width of breakfast nook. Or, you can also use simple chair and table. Usually, bench and table or chair and table are in one package.

Breakfast nook should be designed well in order to look interesting and get the cosiness. Add chic patterned curtain for the window. Beside the window, you can add some small potted flowers, framed photos, and small ornaments. It will create harmonious atmosphere in your kitchen.

Breakfast nook is a cozy place for you and your family. Have a nice breakfast and nice talk in the breakfast nook!

Walk-in Closets: Storage Space and Dress Space

Having large collection of clothes, shoes, bags, and various accessories to make you feel confused to store it in a large container. Cupboard is not even enough to hold all the collections you have. You just need to set aside some land from your bedroom to try to make walk-in closets inside.

Walk-in closets can hold all collections of clothes, handbags, shoes, and accessories that you have in a big place. In general, closets are formed by having plenty of space to store all your favorite items here. Flexibility place can give you the neatness of the clothes that cannot be given by cupboard.

In addition, walk-in closets are also presented with a circular design. This design can provide a space large enough to be used as a place to change clothes melt. In general, you can put the walk-in closets in your bedroom. In addition, you can also put it near the bathroom or between the bathroom and bedroom. Walk-in closets are made to facilitate you to get ready or dress up after a shower.

Before installing walk-in closets, you should measure the space you will use. Make sure you have a wide enough space to make it that can accommodate all the collections and accessories you have. You can equip it with hanging cupboard and chest of drawers. They can help you create neatness in laying out all your favorite items.

For more beautiful, you can put the dresser in the walk-in closets. The existence of dresser becomes important because it is the addition to store all your clothes. It also serves as your place to dress up. The element that not less important is the existence of a large mirror. It can help you in choosing your clothes and give you comfort in dress.

Home Interior, Walk-in Closets: Storage Space and Dress Space: Walk In Closets With Many StoragesHome Interior, Walk-in Closets: Storage Space and Dress Space: Nice Walk In Closets Design
Determination of material for walk-in closets becomes the primary you have to do. You can use the multiplex to the base maker closets. It is chosen because it has good quality. Furthermore, you can have the proper coatings or furnishings for your walk-in closets. You can use neutral or bright colors to give the impression of spacious and warm. Avoid using black color because it will give the impression of tightness in your closets.

Creating walk-in closets that become your dream is easy. You can put all your collection of clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories are in a great spot. In addition, you can also design a walk-in closets as a place to dress up that makes it as the multifunctional place.

Using Berber Carpet to Get the Warmth

When rainy season or winter season is coming, of course, the weather is going to be cold. I think most people prefer staying at home when winter season. They like having relaxed with their family while watching TV and drinking a cup of coffee. What a nice moment! I think you also like doing that.

Because of cold weather, absolutely you need something that can give warmth to your home. Especially for the flooring. Flooring can give more coldness when winter season. Moreover, when you are not wearing slippery, you will feel the coldness. So that you need to put a carpet on the floor. Nowadays, there are many types of carpets. The most popular carpet in modern today is berber carpet. Maybe, you are curious about berber carpet. No worries! Here, I will give you some explanation about berber carpet.

Berber carpet is a kind of carpet that mostly used in any homes. Berber carpet is little different with the other carpets, generally. Berber carpet is a weave of carpet that consisted of solid of small loops. It is durable. The material that used for berber carpet is fabric. It is wattled to become one unite of berber carpet. However, berber carpet also has various types, in which each type comes with different fiber.

Home Interior, Using Berber Carpet to Get the Warmth: White Berber CarpetHome Interior, Using Berber Carpet to Get the Warmth: Stripes Berber Carpet
Berber carpet is not only used to make you warm, but also it can make your home interior look nicer. Berber carpet is available in various patterns and colors. You just choose the berber carpet that suitable with your home design.

Apart from that, of course, you should the maintenance for berber carpet. It purposes in order to keep the cleanliness of berber carpet. You just need vacuuming everyday. It is so easy maintenance.

Using Carpet Tiles to Make the Floor Look Nice

Home has many parts which each part should be paid attention meticulously. Each part of home has its own function. So that the application for each part is absolutely different. Floor is one of part of the home. Floor can influence the appearance of the home. Floor should be paid attention to order to make it look good. There are so many application for the floor. Ceramic tile, hardwood, and bamboo are some materials that can be used for the floor.

When the cold weather is coming, sometimes you need a warmth in your home. Usually, floor will produce more coldness when cold weather, moreover for ceramic tile flooring. So that you need to put something on the floor that can make you warm.
Putting carpet tiles is a good idea. Carpet tiles are kind of rugs. But, it is little different from the other rugs. Carpet tiles are the duplicate of ceramic tiles because the patterns of carpet tiles are similar to ceramic tiles. The material of carpet tiles is fabric or cotton. It is similar to the other rugs.

Home Interior, Using Carpet Tiles to Make the Floor Look Nice: Grey Carpet TilesHome Interior, Using Carpet Tiles to Make the Floor Look Nice: Green Carpet Tiles
You can put carpet tiles in every room in your home, usually in the living room, family room, or bedroom, the rooms where you spend most of the time. Carpet tiles can give you a warmth. When you are having relaxed with your family, you will be comfortable because of carpet tiles. You will not feel cold anymore. Besides that, carpet tiles can make the floor look nice.

You can purchase carpet tiles in online shops. You just do the step of purchasing carpet tiles on the internet. Carpet tiles are also available in the furniture shops. You can choose many kinds of patterns, colors, and sizes. Of course, the price is various.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in the Apartment

Everyone needs a place to be home living. Most people like to live in their own home. Many people said that living in their own home is like in heaven. They feel happy and comfortable. But, there are some people who prefer living in the apartment. Most of them are the people who live in the town. They like living in the apartment because they want to show their lavish lifestyle and perhaps they want to be free. There are the advantages and disadvantages of living in the apartment. In this article, I would like to show you about this.

Actually, living in the apartment is expensive. You have to have high budget if you want to rent an apartment. Usually, apartment becomes the choice of people who earn high salary in their job. Because of its expensiveness, absolutely you will get many advantages. Usually, apartment is constructed in strategic location. It means that you will get many facilities, such as department store, sport center, beauty center, school, etc. So that you will be easy to fulfill your needs. Every room in the apartment is designed well and gives the comfort to the apartment occupants. The rooms are similar with the rooms in the home, they are living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, etc.

There are also disadvantages of living in the apartment. Of course, you can’t own the all amenities in the apartment, for example parking area and garden. Of course, you have to share it with other apartment occupants. Besides that, living in the apartment looks individual. Maybe, you are rare to have communication with other apartment occupant because everyone is busy with her/his activities. It is different when you live in your own home. You will have good communication with your neighbors.

Apartment Interior, The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in the Apartment: Fancy Design Of ApartmentApartment Interior, The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in the Apartment: Nice Apartment
Those are about the advantages and disadvantages of living in the apartment. What do you think about it?

Area Rugs: Warm Your Underfoot

Rainy season is coming. The weather is cold enough. What is your preparation for your home? Are there any something special? Indeed, when the weather is cold, your body will feel cold too. When you are walking without footwear absolutely you will feel cold. And, you try to get the warmth. Especially, if your home uses ceramic tile flooring, it gives coldness very much in the rainy season. So, you need to put area rugs on the floor.

Area rugs are used to give warmth for your underfoot. So that you will feel comfortable in your home. Besides that, area rugs are also used to make your home have a nice look. Area rugs are made of various materials, such as fabric, wool, and fur. The common shapes of area rugs are rectangle and round. But, there are also area rugs with unique designs. Area rugs also have many color and pattern choices.

Many people use area rugs in their home. Area rugs can be put in every room of your home. You can put them in living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, even bathroom. But, usually, the design of area rugs in every room is different. Area rugs for living room, bedroom, and dining room are commonly big and thicker. They are made of wool or fur. So you will get warmer when having relaxed with your family. Whereas, area rugs for kitchen and bathroom are simple, smaller and not so thick. They are made of fabric.

Area rugs in living room and bedroom have function to warm you when you are having relaxed with your family or friends. Area rugs in kitchen are used to warm you when you are cooking or preparing some meals. Whereas, area rugs in the bathroom are used in order that you will not slip on the floor.

Area rugs are very useful for you. You should put it in every room of your home. Choose your favorite design!

Applying Vintage Wallpaper to Get a New Appearance

Do you get bored with old appearance in your home? If yes, what the thing that makes you bored? Perhaps about wall decor? Wall decor often becomes a problem in home decorating. It is better you change your wall decor to be more beautiful. Usually, the people often change the color of wall paint when they get bored with their home interior. I think it seems ordinary and there is only little sense of changing wall paint color. You have to try something new and different. Applying vintage wallpaper is a great idea.

Before I talk about vintage wallpaper, firstly you have to know about what vintage is. Vintage is a style that existed in 50s era. It looks classic. In modern today, vintage style still exists. Vintage is applied in many things, including vintage wallpaper.

Vintage wallpaper is one of wall decor method. It is the easiest way to make your home nicer. Vintage wallpaper can be applied in various home design. Modern design as well as classic design can be added by vintage wallpaper. Although vintage wallpaper looks classic or old-fashioned, it still becomes the people’s favorite. Many people like vintage wallpaper because it has high art value. Through vintage wallpaper, you can have nostalgia in your home. What a nice moment!

Vintage wallpaper is available in the shop that especially sell many kind of wall decorations. I think it is cheaper than other wall decorations. Vintage wallpaper also has various patterns, such as floral, dots, butterfly, abstract, etc. Choose your favorite pattern.

Vintage wallpaper is easy to apply. Firstly, you have to clean your wall from dust. Then, you just patch the vintage wallpaper on the wall. You can remove it easily if you want to change the new one.

Let’s apply vintage wallpaper and get a new appearance in your home. Have a nice try!

The Characteristic of Vinyl Flooring

Flooring is a part of home that you should pay attention. In modern today, there are many kind of flooring that you can install in your home. Each flooring has different characteristic and price. Vinyl flooring is one of the finest choice for your home. Even, trend of installing vinyl flooring is increasing day by day. Furthermore, in this article I will give you some characteristic of vinyl flooring.

Home Interior, The Characteristic of Vinyl Flooring: Vinyl Flooring In The ShopHome Interior, The Characteristic of Vinyl Flooring: Vinyl Flooring In The Kitchen
1.Introduction to vinyl flooring
Vinyl flooring is such a building material that made of polyvinyl chloride or it is called PVC. It is the most affordable flooring material. It has been applied in many kind of building, such as home, office, shop, etc.

2. Type of vinyl flooring
Basically, there are two types of vinyl flooring. The first is printed vinyl. Printed vinyl is a thin sheet of vinyl and has a layer of printed paper. It is cheaper and not much durable. The second is inlaid vinyl. Inlaid vinyl is thicker than printed vinyl in sheet strength. Of course, it is rather expensive and more durable. Both these types are available in the market.

3. Advantages of vinyl flooring
Vinyl flooring is the most affordable flooring material because it is cheaper than other materials. It has wide range of design, color, and type. The price depends on the quality. Besides that, vinyl flooring is simple and easy to apply. You can change it easily when there are some spots get damaged. And also, it is comfortable for underfoot.

4. Disadvantages of vinyl flooring
Vinyl flooring cannot be refinished or polished. It is sensitive to sunlight and coldness, so that it can get fade or crack. It can dent and bubble easily. Sharp things can cause scratch and may tear it.

That’s all about the characteristic of vinyl flooring. So, how? Do you want to use vinyl flooring in your home?