Wall Painting Ideas For Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place for you to unwind just to sleep or relax. Then, you must create a comfortable atmosphere and neat in the bedroom to create a maximum relaxation. Do not let your bedroom wall left empty because it can create an unpleasant atmosphere that you will feel bored in it. You can give some room decoration to beautify your bedroom so that you will feel welcome to linger over. Decorating a bedroom with wall paintings is one good idea to express your personality. There are several things to consider in choosing a painting for your bedroom wall.

1. Choose the match color with wall painting room
Avoid colors that collide between painting on your walls and color space. Suppose orange color on the wall with the red color on painting. It causes the room will look more crowded. So, you should choose colors that match the color of your wall and painting but it is not light. Maybe with more options, you can choose a wall painting that has elements of the wall color.

2. Avoid mixing and matching wall with paintings of the same color
Remember the matching does not mean the same. If the color of the walls and painting on the walls have the same color, so your bedroom looks flat and dull. You have to be mixing and matching colors to create the impression matching the color of your walls with color paintings.

3. Adjust to the furnishings or furniture in the bedroom
Wall painting colors is not always adapted to the color of the room. You can also adjust the color of the wall painting with furnishings or the color of the bedroom furniture is used. So, it does not hurt you to choose colors that match the color of your bedroom furniture or furnishings. For example, let white color on your walls while maroon colored on your bed, you can choose the color of the wall painting color match with the bed.

4. Customize the theme of the painting with the theme the room
Instead you can customize the theme of the painting that used with the theme of your bedroom. Suppose, you use a classic style in your bedroom then you can choose a painting landscapes, flowers, koi, horses or others that are classic or traditional. While for the bedroom using modern and minimalist style, you can choose bright, colorful, fresh and simple painting but it still looks modern, for example abstract painting.

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