Wood Flooring: Tips On Caring for Your Wooden Flooring

Wood flooring is a unique design in building a house. In general, it is suitable to the tropics house. Many patterns are offered for the wood flooring design. You can use stripes pattern of wood floor. The motive is very simple to use in the modern or minimalist home style. This motive can provide a high visual appeal to your living room.

Wooden floors are creating the impression of natural and cool effect to the room. However, you still have to maintain the beauty of wood flooring with more extra care. This is because it has a low resistance to termites, mold and damp air that can make it become weathered wood.

The wood floors have different durability with tiled floors. With extra treatments enough, it will not last long and protected from stains and scratches. Here are some tips on caring for your wood flooring.

Clean the dust
Make sure that you clean the dust first before you start cleaning the stains on the wooden floors. It becomes very simple and easy for you in cleaning the floor.

Mop flooring
Mop flooring with water or special floor cleaner can help your wood flooring free from stains. Furthermore, the addition of water on the wooden floors can improve surface smoothness, and can help the wood to absorb the color.

Wood floor coatings
You can put wood floor coatings by using a sponge or cloth. Make sure that you can choose natural colors like brown on the wood flooring. This color can give the impression of being close to nature. In the dining room or kitchen, and can choose a waterproof coating so as not easily fade if exposed to water or while it mopped.

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Dry wood
Drying wood is very important after wood layering. This is because the wood floor coatings can stain clothing, rugs, or other furniture if it is still wet. In addition, it also can reduce the beauty of wood flooring.

The last layer
After the layers dry, you can coat polyurethane coating that is useful to help keep stains and protects flooring from stains.

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